Integrity Construction was founded in 2008 by Johanna Bowen. Johanna holds a BFA in Sculpture and Art Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. You may be wondering, “How did she get into this business?” You wouldn’t be the first person to ask!

Johanna explains, “I developed a love of old houses during my summer trips to my aunt’s house in New Jersey. It was a stuccoed two-story with a full basement and a walk up attic, and seemed like the best house in the world. My mother and aunt were always doing a project during our visit. Whether it was building walls for an office in the basement or knocking out plaster in the dining room to expose the stained glass windows some previous owner had covered up, it was very exciting to watch. During high school I started volunteering with Appalachia Service Project (ASP), repairing houses in the remote Appalachian hills. After moving to Richmond, I was applying for a job as a carpenter’s helper so I could learn how to renovate old houses – it was merely a way to learn what I wanted to know. I had just returned from ASP, where I had been carrying cinder blocks for several days. So when my prospective employer asked me to try and move a packaged window unit on a jobsite I was actually able to lift it! I got the job. After years of learning physical skills as well as estimating and some bookkeeping, and renovating two houses, I struck out on my own!”